LED Flameless Candles

An LED flameless candle looks like a real candle but does not burn. Instead, it becomes luminous due to a fitted bulb shaped like a flame, while the exterior is similar to a candle. The bulb can be acquired from a nightlight, and for the lamp body you can use a real candle. Thread your cable all the way through to the outside of the candle, and you can boast a pretty realistic imitation candle.

The framework of a flameless candle can be used in many ways as a design component. The body of the device is normally cylindrical in shape, including a set of batteries and a regular flame-shaped LED light which lies at the top. A lot of manufacturers exploit LED lights featuring an irregular flicker effect to make the radiance of open flame appear calm. A flameless candle can be prepared using wax to get a resemblance similar to that of traditional candles. Unlike a real flame, LED lights do not produce much heat and wax-made flameless candles do not melt. Instead, they sustain their original figure and size for further use in the future.


Several flameless candles are perfumed and work as air fresheners and lighting devices. Many other flameless candles, particularly those designed for outdoor use, include features such as integrated insect repellent. These contain an ambient light sensor housed in the candle body which activates a small fan which releases geranial or other repellents. Further features might include remote control light switches, built-in timers, and air treatment devices.


Flameless candles are specifically intended to eradicate the need for a flame, and hence, reduce potential fire hazards. On the other hand, the bulbs in some flameless candles might heat up significantly. In 2013, a pediatric study was conducted which suggested that flameless candles were found to be the cause of battery related accidents among children.

Here is a creative idea for decorating your home for the upcoming Easter holiday.

Easy Easter DIY LED Candles

All you require is a candle shaped LED pillar, tape, pastel wrapping paper, and scissors.

Now simply enclose the candle with pastel wrapping paper and tape it. When the holiday is over, you only have to take off the wrapping paper.
Drill a hole alongside the glass of a prayer candle. The candle featuring a cylindrical shaped glass tube should be used. Set off slow and drill to the base of the candle’s side.

Heat up a cloth hanger in a flame and shove it all the way through, starting at the top of the candle. There is a lamp featuring a bulb shaped like a flame and an attached plug with two terminals inside the nightlight. Get rid of the terminals or any attached plastic pieces. Fit the lamp. Pass the lamp cable all the way through to the opening in the base and do not stop before the wires passes out of the top. Put together a wire to both the lamp’s terminal. After which, you need to enfold the wire about the terminal. Fuse the connection. Shove the lamp through the wax of the candle so that the bulb’s fraction part is underneath the surface. Now, plug your new made candle and bask the light.

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